It’s not always fun under the Tuscan Sun…

Our Italian skills are slowly improving (s-l-o-w-l-y). We try to make a list of new Italian words when sitting around the dinner table. We play games against each other and have little rewards to keep you children interested.

IMG_5226 Amellie, you often enjoy coming home with a new word from school and sharing it with the family. Italian school; let’s talk about this – Arriving at the gates on your first day of Italian school, mums insides were a blooming mess! However my dear you naturally weren’t at all bothered in any way, in fact you were very excited and couldn’t wait until you arrived at those doors. Much attention was given to you for the first few weeks and you loved every inch of it. You have been such a little trooper and the school unbelievably accommodating and so very welcoming. They have organised some one-on-one Italian lessons for you and also soon we are expecting a student who will come to the Villa to teach you Italian lessons once a week! All for free, can’t believe how lucky we are! These lessons would normally cost a fortune back home. You have been making some lovely new friends and so have we through the school and the local community. You have been invited to a couple of birthday parties and have already had some play days.

It is, of course, emotionally exhausting at times for all of us, occasionally difficult for you to adjust and you find it extremely frustrating when wanting to either understand or express your opinions or concerns…. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you my sweet who seriously struggles to shut up for two seconds!  The teachers reassure me it won’t be long until you have immersed yourself right into the language and culture and one day soon you won’t even notice the words slipping out of your mouth without much of an effort! (hope so). We explain to you that this is all part of the experience and mummy and daddy feel the same way at times. We tell you not to take it too seriously and just try to have fun and make new friends and of course attempt to absorb as much as you can. My little sunflower, you have so much courage to walk through those doors with not one ounce of the English tongue spoken that you are so accustomed too! Sometimes it breaks my heart when I feel you are struggling but it’s not often and it’s incredible to see the improvement already, each day you come home with lovely stories, funny ones and your smile is priceless. When you do occasionally have a rough day, you say, “Mummy it wasn’t the best day today, I just didn’t feel like I fitted in but I know mummy you said that we all have those days in Italy”… On these days I spoil you rotten. My goodness you are such a big girl now!

 IMG_2443As for our little prince William, we didn’t anticipate enrolling you in school but everyone insisted we should try and we have and you bloomin’ hate Kinder. Ha!!! You loved it at first and couldn’t get enough of it but now you are over it and I think prefer to hang out with your little bro at home. When I ask you why? You simply reply because I can’t understand what they are saying – Fair enough I say but you are still going back tomorrow! You then ask me, why mum? ! I reply because one day, just one day you may learn to understand what they are saying and this my little Prince is priceless and this will help you make new friends and open up new opportunities for your future….. you look up at me blinking with those big almond shape brown eyes and I know you are  thinking “ what is this crazy woman on about?!!!!!” I will say it absolutely kills me dropping you off, you sit on a chair all alone and sometimes the teacher tells me you sit there most of the time and just watch everyone– I only leave you there for a couple of hours but it still breaks my heart. Your eyes tear up and you tell me please be quick with this swiping quick hand action! I walk away thinking maybe I should just go and give you a big cuddle and take you home with me but I just know…. I can just feel….. that things will change, that you will wake up one day and be skipping to school! I hope that day will come very soon. I will persist but not sure how much strength I have left in me!

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